In abstract, the painting is won or lost on creativity.


Studio view 2015
Studio 11-2015
South wall of studio, January 2015
Kirk Studio
Kirk Studio
KR Kirk and To van Gogh
Studio 11-2015 North Wall
The artist and "Dark Angel"
To van Gogh
Studio looking east
Sigining "Oracle" November 2014
Contemplating "Tragedy"
Abstract No. 11 - Gallery view
Abstract No. 11 in Washington D.C.
Biluzhar installed at the Brower residence
Studio Visit Sean Kirk
Kevin - studio shot Dec. 2014
Preparation work for "Five Seasons"
"Five Seasons" preparation
The artist and "White Bird"
The artist and "Dominant I"
"Labyrinth" is finished
The artist and framed "Labyrinth"
Front entrance to Studio
Roofed, sided, and painted
inside studio
work in progress
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