I live in the realm of abstract. I have chosen it, or it has chosen me. It is a way of thinking. I believe everything originates in the abstract.

There is no greater access to discovery or freedom of expression. All avenues, all tools, all materials all conceptions are possible. Not all are equally endowed, not all are interesting, not all are beautiful. I think that in abstract, as in other genres of painting, that it is extremely difficult to create a thing of beauty.

My abstract work is broadly conceived as falling within two camps. The first I will call the intellectual or meditative works. These works such as Dark Angel, White Angel, Black Line and Sublime are intellectually engaging. Works such as Lucy In The Sky, Sharm El-Sheikh, and Flamenco appeal more to the emotions. All originate in the abstract, all
demonstrate high degrees of fluidity and technical control, all have enormous presence, yet fundamentally engage in different and powerful ways.

I continue to press on, further, deeper into the abstract in my personal journey to discover ever greater understanding and bring it forth with intensity of purpose.